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Building Community

The Social Department is tasked with the responsibility of building a vibrant community by engaging members and prospects in highly-energy monthly activities, social gatherings, events, and internal campaigns.

Impacting Society

The EWOK Welfare department is tasked with the responsibility of identifying and engaging disadvantaged individuals with solutions that will result in self-sustainability.


The Finance Department is tasked with the responsibility of acquiring and transparently managing EWOK’s financial resources.

Informing the Narrative

The Public Relations Department ensures that the organization is visible to the public physically and on digital platforms. It takes on the responsibility of ensuring that the organization’s efforts are communicated with the public to create awareness and enhance transparency.

Harmonized Success

The EWOK Administration team ensures that all of EWOK’s moving parts are coordinated to achieve the organization’s main mission and key objectives. This department holds all teams accountable by ensuring that EWOK and all its activities are legally sound. They also oversee the daily activities by ensuring that information is circulating internally and with other external entities to ensure that the organization runs smoothly.

Current Project

EWOK has selected 30 women that we will walk with by offering counseling sessions, vocational training, classes, and support. These women were selected from 300 applicants via forms that were distributed in the first quarter of 2021.


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