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A GLIMPSE OF UTOPIA IN ETHIOPIA May 31st, 2021 Society is one of the most integral parts of our life.  It is a common home for all which we need from birth to death. In an ideal society, one can lead a decent basic standard of living, develop his/her potential


For the past 26 years, EWOK has been a successful community-based organization that has been a part of small-scale projects, aiming to improve the lives of Ethiopian refugees and their children. The organization has also held several events to share the Ethiopian culture and to raise awareness for its active projects. Moving forward, we hope to interact with you on your digital gadgets via our official website and our LinkedIn page! Connect with us and we will keep updating you on events, projects, and volunteering opportunities!

EWOK is looking for VOLUNTEERS

EWOK celebrates the great women who have been active members in previous years. As we look into the year ahead, we would like to call upon anyone that is willing to spend some time in partnership with EWOK projects. EWOK needs YOU!

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